2BOT Studio is the cleaver and simple to use interface to the ModelMaker. It is as easy as 1,2,3.  In moments you are creating your physical model.



Step 1: Read in virtual model data files. 2BOT Studio is compatible with many different file formats including DWG, DXF, Google SketchUp KMZ, STL, and USGS FLT files.  In addition, lithopanes are created from JPG and BMP files.  Autodesk applications such as AutoCAD, Civil3D and Revit will produce DWG or STL files suitable for input.  Google SketchUp files are exported into KMZ files.  Solidworks and other solid modeling packages can export STL files. We can even work with STL files that are not watertight.  2BOT Studio requires no special modifications to your original design






A 3D representation of your data is displayed on the 2Bot Studio work piece. This process generally only takes seconds.


Step 2: Scale the Data. Do you need a 4x6” model for your team to work with while a 4’x6’ larger scale version to gather around?  No problem with 2BOT Studio.  From the same input model, simple tell the software how big any 1 side of the model needs to be and it will scale instantly.

stu4 stu3

Step 3: Make IT! - the power of the program does all the hard work for you.  Sit back and enjoy as your model is created in moments!